Realborn Leif and Realborn Ashley

So I completed my Ashley a couple of weeks ago and I’m working on my Leif now and I’ve realised that they would make very good twins.

Their colouring is a little different because I didn’t and don’t intend to make twins but if someone did, I think they’d go well together.


How adorable :heart_eyes:

You are so right- they do make great twins!!

They’re so cute and tiny! They would make great twins. I can’t wait to see them finished. I bought Aspen last week. Most of my customers want open eyed babies but I love the sleeping babies.

Is that right? I never get as much interest in awake babies as I do in asleep ones.

Plus I’ve talked to all my “frequent” (more than 3 babies) buyers and they mostly like asleep babies so that’s what I’ve been doing


It’s probably because most of my customers are buying for their daughters. They always say what color hair and eyes they want. I have one repeat customer who only wants sleeping babies.

They look great together. Boy/girl twins often have different coloring, so I wouldn’t worry about their coloring not being the same.

They are total cuteness!

Ugh, I know I hate open eyed babies, but have had more then 6 requests in the past few days for dolls with open eyes and even two for toddler size dolls. So I guess my next two or three will be open eyes :frowning:

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