Realborn Laila

Did you see her in the gallery? Thoughts?



On my gotta have list. She is a beauty!

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She is pretty really need more pictures to be sure hint hint :wink:

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Another must have for me. She’s beautiful.

Gorgeous and she looks like she’ll make an amazing Asian baby! Yesss!!! Definitely looking forward to this one :heart_eyes:

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I’d love to see her reborn as an Asian baby since her model is one. :slight_smile:

She is cute!

This version is by @isabelle :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly…as soon as i saw her pic i said she would make a really good Asian baby! :smiley:

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I LOVE her :heart_eyes:!!! She’s beautiful and her limbs are perfect!!!

@Blissfulbabies look at these sweet hands and feet :blush::two_hearts:

I love those toes!!

Shes very cute Why havent i seen her ?

They are just now showing prototypes.

She reminds me of Gemma…

I love her feet. They look better to me, than any of the realborns so far.

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I’ve been wanting a sleeping Asian baby for the longest time. Looks like I’ll have one now. Yay.

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She’s on my list :wink:

So sweet, love her!!!