Realborn Kits Taking Paint

I have been working with 4 different Realborn kits and all of them seem to have spots that don’t want to take paint, mainly the heals and nose. Has anyone else had this issue? I haven’t had this issue with any other kits except the Realborn kits. The just don’t seem to take paint as well.

I have only done Presley Awake and Asleep…but they took paint just fine!!

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I have done 3 so far, and had no trouble. However, the paleness of the kits does require more layers of paint.

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I’ve had that happen a couple of times, I just clean that area well with a little mineral spirits or paint thinner, and make sure its dry, and it seemed to helped. Also maybe applying a tiny amount of matte varnish then baking and putting paint on over that may help.

yup, thats me right now with my presley asleep. i did start painting him the first time and ended up tryingto just strip his ears bc the paint didnt seem to stick in spots, but of course, stripping just the ears didnt work out well and i ended up stripping the whole head, which led to stripping the limbs as well and now im having all sorts of trouble spots. i have been looking if anyone else has had an issue and have not heard of anyone until your post.

im having problems with the hands and feet too, i know i washed the kit well, done it several tines with hot hot water, dawn and alcohol. i think my problem tho is too much baking at this point, ive stripped 3 times after being fully cured and tons more times of just applying matte mixtures and wiping them off with thinners, over and over

I wonder if it is because of the material they are made out of or the way they were made. Just frustrated to pay so much for a kit to have trouble with them. I honestly have not had any trouble with any other kits but the Realborn ones. I wouldn’t be so concerned if it was one of them or even two because I am sure it is bound to happen here or there but every single one I have done/ am doing…I have 3 more custom orders to make and it is making me nervous.

I do clean all the kits very very well before I start working with them. Will see if the Matte helps and just keep plugging away at them :smile:)

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I don’t think they require any more layers then the other kits do, in my opinion anyway :slight_smile:

I had no problems with paint not sticking with my Presley asleep or awake, and I did not get any of the others. But I made other kits that come in this pale vinyl and I do find that these very pale kits require lot more layers to get the dolls realistic skin tone.

I have had other kits that did not take paint very well, but they were mostly very expensive European vinyl.


I have reborned 3 of the RealBorns and did not have any trouble with any of them taking paint. I actually thought the vinyl was lovely. I do think I used a few more mottles and flesh colors because they are pretty pale to begin with and I like to keep my paints thin so it takes a few more.