Realborn Kimberly.... COA?

I thought the Realborn Kimberly was supposed to come with a COA? I could have swore when I ordered her it said she would come with a COA. @EmilyBB would you know the answer to this?



The BB website says she comes with COA. I’m sure if you contact them they’ll send you one.


If you bought a 2nds one, they don’t. Learned that with Thomas.


The lovely kit that I won came with one. My very first COA!!


It was a seconds, but it was listed as having a COA. Maybe it was a booboo on their part? I went back to re-read but couldn’t find the listing for seconds.

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Yes it was probably a mistake. When I ordered my Thomas seconds, it had said a COA also. So when it wasn’t in the box, I emailed BB. They told me that they didn’t send them out with the seconds kits but they mailed me one because of the misunderstanding. Right after that, they had taken it off the listing of the seconds Thomas that I had ordered so that they wouldn’t have that problem anymore. If you really need one, you could email them and see if they will send it to you but that was the answer I got when it happened to me.

Thanks… I will email them.

I was wondering the same thing. I read as well that the “seconds” came with a COA, as this was my first time I bought a second realborn… Did BB respond yet? Thanks

mine didn’t come with COA either
I found this on Reborn Clyde seconds
"WITHOUT BOX & WITHOUT CERTIFICATE. This item does not include the Realborn box or the certificate of authenticity."