Realborn Kase for Rose Doll Show

Hello my dears!
I am pleased to show you my third baby. real born Kase was finished in time today. Now I have to pack my suitcase. In a few hours my trip starts in the United States. I’m so excited!!

I see you!!! Hugsxxx Jacky :kissing_heart:


Wow! Beautiful!


Your Kase is absolutely wonderful! I hope you have a safe and enjoyable journey.


Stunning work as always Jacky! Safe travels!!!

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She is adorable, what a beautiful baby.

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@Jacky Oh my gosh Woman you are amazing. I’m sitting here rooting my competition baby that has taken me weeks to do while I watch you turn out one stunning baby after another. Love your work so much. Have a safe trip and rest up. I’m ready for some fun in your class. Be seeing you on Wednesday!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Those dry feet! I have always admired your work. I won’t be at rose this year but I hope someday to meet you! Safe Travels!

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I am SO disappointed I can attend your class :tired_face: Are you teaching anywhere else while you are here?

Beautiful as always. Great job.


Gorgeous baby.


Lovely baby. Have a safe trip!!!

Beautiful baby! I love those dry feet! Can’t wait to meet you next week!

He’s gorgeous! And next week! It sounds so close now lol!