Realborn Harlow

Hi all,

I just git this kit today in the mail. I am so excited to start on her. But was wondering two things. One, is anyone willing to show what they have done with this kit? And 2 what size clothes for her? She seems a bit bigger than most. Thank you.

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@jeanhai made a beautiful one.


Thank you. I did some plastic surgery on her and made her a cuddle baby. She’s a little chunk and super snuggly. I just listed her on She wears 0-3 and 3 mos size clothes.


I nominate @RosieCait as the expert with this kit. She loves hers. :sweat_smile:


Omg she is beautiful. thanks for sharing her size.

Thank you. I did a lot of careful Dremel-ing.

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You did an amazing job Jean! I would by her kit if she looked like yours.

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Thank you. She sold in less than 30 minutes. I’m so happy!


That is awesome. Congratulations.

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My piggy :heart_eyes:

I’ve since shortened how far across the eye her lashes go. She’s in storage at my grandma’s while I’m traveling but she’s one I miss. She’s very snuggly!

I put her on the recommended 20 inch body and she wears 0-3 just fine. You could put her on BB’s body 300 and I think she’d still be proportionate. She’s a big girl!


I never realized she was this big! Was thinking she was just a big newborn or something.


She’s a big girl for sure. I ended up not trying it because I liked her on the 20, but she could go up easily I think.


Wow! What a difference!

Omg she is Beautiful.

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I wanted her to look like those old dolls, so she’s a bit different than my normal style. I do really love her though. Her name is Olivia Cerdita but I just call her Piggy