Realborn Drawing for Asher Awake

Like our other drawings, this drawing will run on our Forum, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. You can enter five times but only win once! :slight_smile:

‘How To Enter’ is posted on the social network. (i.e. ‘How-To-Enter’ for Facebook is posted on Facebook, Twitter on Twitter, etc.) So Check out each of our Social sites!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER our Realborn Drawing via Our FORUM


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Bountiful Baby


He is adorable. Good luck everyone. Blessings, Grandma Paula

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YAY! Thanks for doing this! :slight_smile:

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for everybody but you have to pay shipping .

Shipping is covered by Bountiful Baby.

The contest is for everyone, however, here is a list of countries that we ship to:

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awww he is sooo sweet

Glad I didn’t miss out on this contest while my computer was sick! And to think that yesterday I added a tablet to my phone bill just so I’d quit missing out on talking to all of you when the internet decides to be slow here! Now you know how much I love you! And yes, that really was my main reason, that and to email a great friend I met on here! Entering as fast as I can!


God I love Asher both asleep an awake can’t wait until he is released :blush::blush::blush: all the realborns are so precious!! But Asher is my favorite out of all of them I love his little nose!!!

Leslie i agree with you 100% Asher is definitely my favorite Realborn. i just wish i had the money to buy all of the realborns

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The drawing is supposed to be today. Have the winners been posted yet?

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I just did my entries… I will be taking a Realborn baby to a doll contest this year yay !!

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Would love to win one of these adorable babies. Just love BB.

I would love to win this kit because of the realism in the sculpt.,so anxious to get my hands on one…:slight_smile:

The drawing will end at 4:30pm MT and winners posted at 5pm MT.

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