Realborn® Drawing - Clyde Asleep Winners!

Hi Everyone!

Enter our Realborn® Drawing for a chance to win Realborn® CLYDE ASLEEP!

Enter via our Forum HERE!

As usual, this drawing is ran on all of our social network sites, which for the time being, dis-includes Google+.

Visit our Page on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and enter via each site for more chances to win!
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Thanks Everyone!


Entered!!! I’ve been waiting on this kit!

I entered too! I’m so excited!

Crossing my fingers! This is by far my favorite Realborn!


Is the winner required to pay the shipping??

Entered…paaaaleasssse pick me.

Entered!! Oh plz :smiley: So very excited!

Entered- thank you!

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such a cute sculpt
entered thank you

i entered on here and facebook…im dying for a new realborn and i just dont have the funds to buy any :frowning:

Entered this one …he’s adorable. Fingers crossed.

Entered! Now the suspense of waiting​:confused::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

I think this one is really special, the best one so far, I agree.


When do we find out?

@dee Monday the 15th :slight_smile:


Oh okay, Thank you :smile:

Excited and fingers crossed!
Debbie G.

I received one, Maybe you entered your email wrong? I’m not sure

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Hmm…Then I’m not sure. Yeah, I did enter on facebook, And I got an email :neutral_face: I’m not sure why you didn’t

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Please enter me in the chance to win the Clyde asleep kit…Thank you