Realborn Claudia

Realborns and all bountiful baby kits are open editions just sold out due to the pandemic. The first few runs of realborns Presley. Asher, Kase and Thomas asleep were limited edition runs :wink: so once this pandemic is over and things calm down you’ll get a chance to paint them


They were scanning little sister sage, but I’m not positive if she’ll become a realborn


@Katinafleming, I think they should leave her like the unedited version. She would still be very cute and would not look as much like Greta.

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I agree. But all of them are cuter before editing. :wink:

I like the original scan so much more :frowning: I probably will skip this one because her mouth looks unnatural


To be honest, I’m not a fan of the new Realborns and I don’t mean to be offensive to Bountiful Baby as I know that they work very hard for our community but I personally feel like they have really large lips and mouths in general and they aren’t my cup of tea.

I like Claudia asleep and newborn Emmy asleep at the moment - I’m after doll kits that have the semi-peaceful/semi-slightly grumpy look to them which to me is what Claudia and Emmy look like.

Everyone has personal preferences though and I have seen some fantastic versions of the new Realborns, even though I’m not particularly a fan of the sculpts, some artists can totally transform them into babies that look like a different sculpt!

Harlow is not my cup of tea, nor is Felicity. Their mouths look way too large for my liking but again this is personal preference and some people have done excellent jobs making those kits look very realistic. I feel like Harlow in particular has a mouth that wouldn’t look natural if it had a pacifier covering it because it seems quite large as though it wouldn’t be covered properly with a pacifier like how I think Twin A by Bonnie Brown’s mouth is.

I really like Laura by Bonnie Brown as she has very detailed limbs just like the Realborns but Twin A’s mouth resembles a cave to me and I massively prefer Twin B but I would happily paint Twin A and B if someone were to request them as a set of twins because I think its nice to keep twin kits together, even if I’m not a fan :sweat_smile:

There sure have been lots of new kits though and I am looking forward to seeing the new ones that are coming out soon!

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I much prefer the unedited Realborn sage. Smile looks waaaaay more natural. But maybe it had to be edited for molded :woman_shrugging:t2:


I think the one on the Right is cute but I don’t care for the one on the Left. They do tweak things and usually I don’t like them. I really dislike the ‘turned up lips’.


That’s the problem. Either they have to manipulate it digitally or get super lucky and capture it when they are scanning. I’m thinking the mouths on the more recent ones are looking oddish is because they are trying to make them look smileyish. We really can’t win :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I’d love to see them mash up a Frankenstein of realborns with nb June asleeps smiling mouth.


I also love newborn Joseph awake. How did they get him so cute!