Realborn® Canon, Joseph's baby brother, AVAILABLE NOW!

I am so excited to announce that Realborn® Canon is Available now!

You can make Canon’s kit yours here: Realborn® Canon Sleeping (20" Reborn Doll Kit) - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

Canon is the little brother of Joseph and Darren. He was the chubbiest newborn out of his siblings, weighing over 8 lbs at birth (Joseph was quite chubby at the 3 month age, but was only 6 lb 7 oz at birth). Many people tell me that due to his chunkiness, newborn Canon looks like a newborn version of 3 month Joseph, and I totally agree! I really love how his kit turned out. I love all of my kids’ Realborns, and I feel so blessed to be able to share them with all of you!

If you haven’t already seen it, here is a super cute video of real baby Canon: Realborn® Canon - Beautiful Real Baby Footage - YouTube. I had so much fun doing Canon’s session, it is neat being able to style and photograph a session for my own baby!

I hope you enjoy Canon as much as we do, I am really looking forward to seeing all of the cute versions of him yet to come. :slight_smile:

Jessica (real Canon’s mommy)


He is adorable Jessica! I’ll have to buy him right away for sure


Jessica, he is more than adorable! He is so precious. I would love to hold the real baby. :slight_smile: I am sure folks would be standing in line. Poor baby would be worn out from being held! LOL But, he is such a gift from God. So perfect. Thank you so much for sharing your babies.


He is so beautiful! He’s going to be a must paint for me :heart:

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Had to order him!! Chubby and cute :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


I’m so happy you all love him! <3 Thank you so much!


Got him, so excited! :two_hearts:

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I ordered him this morning family I babysit for texted me to let me know as she had in her notifications for emails. I’m excited to paint him sometime


I have to add him to my collection of your babies lol


Absolutely adorable!

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He is just so huggable and sweet. I didn’t want to chance not getting him so I ordered right away. You have a beautiful baby and he looks so content. congratulations on his birth and a healthy baby. :innocent: :heart:

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I would love to see a picture of your children together, if you’d be comfortable sharing! It would be cool to see them all grown


@Shera1 Aw, thank you so much! I still can’t believe I had a baby over 8 lbs (8 lbs 2 oz to be exact). I know a lot of babies are born bigger, but that is huge for me. Mine are usually closer to 6 or 7 lbs. When I was pregnant with Canon, my husband would tell me, “I think you’ve got an 8 lb baby in there!”. I wondered if that was just a subtle way of telling me I was eating too much LOL. It turns out I really did have an 8 lb baby. :slight_smile:

@Helenabeereborns Here is a recent photo. :slight_smile: Canon is the kid being held by his daddy, with the hair so white that he blends into the background LOL. Darren is the little dude in the front. Joseph is the one right behind Darren laughing hard, while Canon is trying to figure out what is so funny, lol. I love this photo!

Btw, I am not as young as I look, for everyone that might be shocked by the 8 kids LOL. I think my face is frozen at 17, though I am celebrating my 30th birthday next month.


Such a beautiful family!

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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You are so blessed to have a beautiful family. I have 12 siblings for a total of 13 children for my parents.


This is a really nice photo for the family. I have forgotten the older girls names, most of them, at least. Do you mind reminding me? :slight_smile:

What a gorgeous family you are! The kids all look content and happy! Maybe you have discovered the secret to a happy life… lots of kids lol! I can’t imagine the laundry, I only have three and wish I’d had more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He really does look like the 3 month Joseph realborn though! Wish I could buy it, but I gotta get busy on my stash first (maybe I’ll sell a few to make room :joy: )
Are there any reborns/realborns of your daughters? I Love the photo of your family by the way :heart: looks like they’re a lot of fun.
My parents had 4 kids, but my dad wanted 12, and my mom said she was done at 4 lol. My husband’s parents had 4 kids as well.
So I always said I wanted 4 , It didn’t happen, (so far :grin:) but God did bless us with twin girls who just turned 16.


Such beautiful kiddos. They all look so happy too! You must be doing a good job!