Realborn awake versions for johanna or jade?

good day, does anyone know if there will ever be awake versions of these two babies? or realborn Summer Rain? I have all of them in the asleep version and I didn’t know if they will just surprise us from time to time with the release of awake versions- or if some realborns will only be in one version


I would love to know this too! @bbsupport

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Probably would find out quickly by asking @bbsupport

Johannah Awake is coming very soon. :slight_smile: You will see her prototypes on eBay within the next month or so. We hope to release her later next month.

Jade Awake is a few months out. We are excited for her as well!



oooh I can’t wait! thank you for answering. you just made my day to see this!
I love everything I have ever purchased from you and it’s really such a wonderful hobby for me, helps with my anxiety and is just such a fun positive part of my days.
thanks for making so many beautiful kits and supplies so affordable for us to enjoy!
have a blessed day

La nurserie de Marie prototype is SO BEAUTIFUL!! I know all her art is, but this baby is just so gorgeous!!! Wow