Realborn Aria

Realborn Aria is so precious…Photos by Jacky Kramer


She reminds me of Realborn Ashley lol


I was gonna say the same! She’s precious!

She’s probably her sibling

Shes cute. I will get her.

As an aside, Jacky’s rooting is just beyond amazing. What I would not give to root like this.

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So sweet! I wonder if she’s related to Kase?


She shared pics on Instagram of Realborn Brooklyn too didyou see?

@katieperry Yes but I thought Brooklyn was a Reborn not a Realborn…and Brooklyn is precious, I definitely want her :heart_eyes:

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Ohh ok!
And yes she is so beautiful I really like Brooklyn!!!

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Yes she reminds me of Ashley!

I wanted her so badly at the show but she said she’ll be on ebay soon! I did buy her precious petite kit

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What is her instagram?


Do you know her length? I love that little face.

She is absolutely darling! Must have for sure.


I do not know her length but. She’s a wittle bity about like realborn ashley who is 17”. I’m guessing aria is 17”

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Awe! How tiny. I’m excited for this little bub.

She reminds me of a mix between Ashley and Leif. I also see a bit of Jaycee in her profile picture.

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