Realborn® 3 Month Joseph is now Available!

The chubbiest Realborn® ever, 3 Month Joseph, is now Available!

3 Month Joseph is an older version of our very popular newborn Joseph. He is also the little brother of Realborn® Emmy, as well as the grandson of Nevin and Denise Pratt. Though he was 3 months old, he was quite chunky and wore 6-9 month sized clothing. His 3 month Realborn® comes with full limbs and is about 23" long when completed. He takes a cloth body for those squishy cuddles, and he also has a gender neutral belly plate (sold separately).

The real Joseph was the chubbiest 3 month old baby we have ever seen! His kit is now available, and is featured on our home page at:

Have a Wonderful Day!

Bountiful Baby


Oh my gosh, real Joseph is such a cutie!

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He reminds me a lot of his big sister Emmy! He’s handsome! How old is he now?

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Has everyone ordered theirs yet? :slight_smile:

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Ordered mine, can’t wait! :blue_heart:

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He is 3 years old now. That picture was taken on his 3rd birthday. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliments everyone, we love Joseph a lot! :wink: He is pretty proud to be on our home page too, you should have seen his excitement when we showed him!