Real Brand Eyes

Can I see some photos of babies using these? MacPherson is clearancing them at an incredible price, trying to decide which dolls I’d like to use them in before I place and order tomorrow.

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I bought some a while back. Some are good. Some are not. Here are the blue…they are very bright and don’t look real to me. But I haven’t put them in a doll yet. So they may look better in the socket…

But here the golden Hazel. They look really good to me. Well worth the price for this color.

The browns look good too. I didn’t order many blue. But for the price, I think they are worth taking a chance on. The chance paid off with the brown and Hazel ones I ordered. :wink:


Hmmmm. Those browns are really nice. And I suppose if I don’t like them, it gives me a great excuse to go back and order the other brand, and of course grab a new kit, too, for the free shipping :joy: I think I’m going to go for it. Thanks!!