Real born girl fits 3 month clothes

Please tell me the real born kits that fit 3 months clothes to a T. TY :slight_smile:

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Landon fits 3 months. :slight_smile: not sure if you like the kit but figured I would chime in. I don’t have my Landon since I gifted the kit to my friend but she says he fits nicely in 3 months. 6 months if you like the clothes a little loose on him.


TY!! LOL I was hoping it wouldn’t be Landon as I’m not in love with the kit. :joy: Hopefully there is another one. ty :slight_smile: I will keep the kit in mind if I have to :sweat_smile:

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LOL! Know what you mean! That’s the only one I knew off hand. I think the others are all in newborn. I could be wrong. Someone is sure to come along with the answer that I now am curious to know. :joy::wink::heart:

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I believe Realborn Kimberly could possibly fit 0-3 months.

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I think Libby (BB) does Celeste, Nikolas. Check the 22" or 23" BB babies most will fit 0-3 month size with the fatter body.

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Wonder if Lavender will???

Nevermind :frowning: Ignore me… IT says she will be 19 inches

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Now Sheila…there’s Brilliant idea. Duh I need to look at the gallery at the larger newborns lol. TY

But she’s a chubby one…so maybe :slight_smile:


I will check ty :slight_smile:

Haha I didn’t realize that Landon is the only large realborn so I’m looking at others. I have Heather and for some reason I don’t really want to work on her. She’s got a sweet expression. Not sure what my problem is :blush:

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Oh I’m thinking i want full limbs so I Might have to deal with Landon LOL

Well don’t that beat all! LOL! He is determined for you to paint him. :wink::joy::joy: I haven’t scrolled past the realborns much so I think I might need to take a look. Might give me a reason to buy another kit I have no business buying right now. Haha!

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lol!! I sure don’t have any reason either, But well IDK LOL Oh yeah I have 3 month clothing that I want to use :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes I agree as far as I am aware Landon is the only Realborn that size :blush:

Heather is a cutie once you finish her and she fits perfect in 3 month clothes :slight_smile:


Wow…how adorable~Ok you’ve convinced me :slight_smile: ty

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