Real baby versus vinyl baby, what's the difference?

When looking at pics of really good reborns versus real babies, 99.9% of the time i can tell who is flesh and who is vinyl. But I can’t figure out why! What do you think is making the difference?

One thing that comes to mind is the finish. I guess real babes have a slight soft skin sheen. And it’s hard to recreate that, aside from the colors. I guess a 2nd thing is lashes. Human lashes don’t grow so straight and parallel. They kind of grown into a V shape.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Can y’all most often tell the difference? If so, what do you think it is?

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Yes! Skin and pudge fall or lay differently, especially depending on pose. What do you see in the eyes exactly?

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This was discussed before and I remember some of the comments were saying that the difference is being alive/life. There is actual blood flowing through the body under the skin. Someone referenced being there when a loved one died and at that moment the life left them and they seen the difference. Same as when I’ve been to funerals, the bodies look fake, like almost a wax statue. I remember going to my grandmas funeral when I was a little under 10 yrs old and I asked my mom why grandma didn’t look real.


That’s interesting. Never thought if that before now but it’s true.

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Here’s an interesting discussion on the same thing:

Yes, there is a big difference with those eyes! However, I’ve seen some very realistic reborn eyes as well…

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Going back on what I said, look at these amazing works of art…
There is a video of this guy working on the old lady’s hair and every time I watch it I am expecting the lady to just open her eyes bc she looks so real!


Those look absolutely real. I see its silicone not vinyl. Would love to know his technique. i reckon i’ll google him but curious if he sculpts or molds or a little of both? you know how you can usually tell a realborn from a sculpt. nature just has a way of making everything go together. that’s hard to capture
in a sculpt.

I read another article about another guy that does these types of realistic sculpts and he uses clay to sculpt, then makes a mold from the clay and the finished product is fiberglass and resin.

LOL! You were answering my question the same time i was asking it. brainwaves!! i dream of having a warehouse workshop with all sorts of tools where i can just experiment with this stuff. that was a pretty sweet perk in college. we could basically go use the metals or clay shop any old time. which JUST reminded me, there are actually co-ops like that now. you pay a fee and you are a member of their workshop that’s stocked to the gills with all sorts of tools. and you have to learn and pass their safety tests firsts for some of the equipment.

the light is captured totally differently in real eyes. crap. i’m trying to think through ways to apply it to reborns but that’s beyond my noggin.

I can tell the difference, I understand what you are saying.

Interesting topic. Is this baby a real baby or a reborn?


Reborn? The folds and creases around the eyes. At first look it looked like a real baby. Zoomed in I say doll. That’s a good one!!!

That gave me another idea though. She looks like she is about to move or wiggle her little face like all newborns do. Instead of being a perfectly proportional, perfect baby just sitting still. If doll then I like that about the sculpt.

I can’t tell. It looks real. But when I zoom in on the eyes, the sockets are too deep. So I say reborn. Wait. Real. Wait. Hahaha!!! This is a really real reborn. :joy: I wish I had it.

She’s real! She is a coworker’s new granddaughter. When I first saw the picture, I thought “That looks like a really amazing Reborn!” Than I laughed at myself, because I know she’s a real baby. She has the stork bite and shading around the mouth. I think she even has a little yellow on the nose and the milia, too. The eyes are so big, you can’t see the whites. These are all things I used to think reborners kind of exaggerated in the babies, but I was wrong. Here is a real live baby modeling ever one of those features and looking good doing it!


I would have never believed those eyes were real. How new is she? Good because I’m about to use some oversize eyes. Nice to see that :stuck_out_tongue:

She was born on the 4th and I received the photo on the 6th, so 2 days old, I think.

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Wowzerzzzzzzzzz!!! :smile: this is crazy. Anyway, a beautiful baby for sure!