Reaction to reborns on youtube

I watch this YouTuber all the time and just found this. I’m laughing so hard at how confused and creeped out he is. I commented on it about my dolls and kind of explained a bit lol.


My daughter-in-law says they are creepy. I think, “Why? It looks like a real baby, and if you saw a real baby, you wouldn’t think it was creepy?” Of course, I don’t tell her that. She has been in the family less than 2 years and we haven’t been able to learn much about each other. I am not offended. Everyone has the right to their own ideas.


That’s the way I see it too. Let people have their opinions and maybe try explaining if you want but never be offended if people disagree. I have to many people in my life that dont like the dolls to be offended anyway lol

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It’s why he is one of my favorites. He is always respectful when reacting to things.

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