Re: Look what I just got!

Just what the fairies need, their nest is getting bit crowded. Now the dilemma; should I renovate it faithfully to the original = in that time all the prams seem to be black or brown. Or should I just to it up in what evr colours I feel like?

Beautiful! I’m thinking powder blue

That’s beautiful! Unless it’s valuable, I would just use your own creativity!

That is so awesome I wish I could find one

I was actually just looking for an undercarriage like that, and wanted to make mad chariot for the fairies. Something all gold and glitter all over it. But considering that I have the whole antique doll pram, I will renovate it. I will upholster the inside with leather. I do have a very heavy duty black canvas, which would go fine for the hood, if I wanted it to be “original” and it would be lot cheaper than getting the hood fabric from UK. Looking at my “Perambulator” book, 100 years ago the prams were mainly black, brown or dark green, although some were cream all over.
I think I will make the body dark blue with navy leather and light blue hood. Well, I have ordered the suspension straps from UK in navy, once I order the light blue hooding material there will be no going back. There is a great place right across the city that sells leather, I will try to go there next week.

I will keep you posted

Sounds beautiful! You must be very crafty or very good at research (or both!); I wouldn’t even know where to start.

— Begin quote from “dothehokeypokey”

Sounds beautiful! You must be very crafty or very good at research (or both!); I wouldn’t even know where to start.

— End quote

That is because I bought 2 Silver Cross prams (full size) some time ago, and did all the research over many nights on line, and even spent small fortune on the materials but never got around to doing anything with them; well, one is really in pretty good condition and some dolls live in it, the other was a total disaster, I could not work out where to start, and I ended just cleaning it and selling it with the materials to somebody who seemed to know what they are doing. LOL
But this little pram is going to be a singe; all the seat upholstery is there, albeit very frail and filthy, but I can take it out and use as a pattern to cut the leather. And leather is great to work with, it has bit of a give and it does not fray, and the seats are small.

the wood needs treatment, and the upholstery is in bad shape, saturated with dirt; I could not really put the fairies in it as is, and i do not think it would survive any cleaning.