Raising prices

I am conflicted

A crappy “poem” about asking 1200 bucks for a doll.

I have a formula, it has worked for me, it is fair.
Supplies have gone up, especially if you use GHSP.
I have been doing this a while.
My skills are pretty good.
I have earned my reputation.
I work from a place of integrity.

I try to give back, give aways, You Tube tutorials and content, not monetizing.
I do my best to offer good customer service.
I delver what I promise.
I don’t over extend myself.

This year I have raised my prices.
Just a little more than my usual inch as I grow.
I feel bad about it.
A lot of people struggling.

I am so grateful I get to do what I love and make a little money.
Putting a price tag on art is a hard thing to do.
The business end of this gives me grief.

When I do a freelance project it is work.
Painting a baby makes me feel all squishy, these babies mean a lot to some people, it’s personal.

I do not enjoy charging people.
If I am going to keep doing this and call it a business this is what you do.
I swear if I won the lottery I would do this for free.


It feels like inflation has taken over every corner of the world.
You don’t have to justify your price to anyone.
Your worth every penny of $1200.
The sun will come out tomorrow.
Don’t eat yellow snow. :yum:


You crack me up.

Good advice.


I tried to keep it haiku like but I’m really long winded :rofl:

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All kidding aside, I think raising prices is necessary. No one wants to do it, but there are price increases in every aspect of this art. If it were just one or two things that had gone up, a person could absorb that increase. However, it isn’t just art supplies that have gone up, or shipping, but even the increase in gas to heat our homes, and studios, has climbed significantly. All of those costs have to be offset, and unfortunately, it will have a trickle effect.


I agree. If I won the lottery I’d give all my babies away. I recently sold a baby for a woman who has Alheimer’s. There is no price that could equal the pure joy on her face.


I agree. I never factor in the time I spend listing the baby, answering questions, the time I stand in line, especially during the holidays, my gas, the increase in my electric bill…

I know there are less expensive ways to make a baby. When BB use to have those crazy sales on older sculpts a couple years ago you could get a sleeper kit for 17.95, put a 5.00 sale body on it, use basic acrylic paint, leave it bald, a cute Gerber sleeper. You could sell that baby for 200 bucks and call it a day. I wouldn’t and I haven’t but I know it’s possible.

I just started a series of 20 babies (yup) I spent a grip sourcing clothes alone. They are going to be time consuming and I hope they will be appreciated but I know a lot of people won’t understand the price point. I am frankenstiening kits together, for fun, as a challenge, and because I need a vibe I can’t get any other way.

At the end of the day it all depends on what people are willing to pay for what you make I guess but I think artists more times than not undervalue their work, and that is because people don’t value a creative job as a “real” job, they love the idea of a creative life though.


It is extremely difficult to put a price on art.
If you list high, your arrogant.
If you list low, you devalue yourself.
It’s hard to find that happy medium, so I believe it takes careful consideration of time, materials cost, average prices for similar work, etc to come to a"fair " selling price. The fair part mostly being fair to yourself. You’ll always find someone who appreciates all of your efforts❤️

And omg are you kidding me? 20? At the same time? :flushed:
You, my friend, are a machine! Cant wait to see what you create!


I am taking it nice and slow, I am sure people waiting will think I disappeared for a while. I just gave the first 9 a bath and I am waiting on bodies. This may be amazing or…not but I intend on enjoying it, how ever long it takes. I am almost done with the circus babies, I have three left not sure if I will continue making them, I have a box full of pretty costumes but I am excited to start the new babies. I guess I can always circle back and make more silly circus babies if I want later? Or I can sell the costumes, those were so much fun to make.

You are right about finding a happy medium. I feel like I find it then I gotta rethink it again, its a process for sure.



Us newbies look up to those of you who are well seasoned in this business. You are who sets the pace for price, but most importantly, quality. I look up to every one of you who challenges my growth.
I know in years you haven’t been on this side for a really long time, but in the amount (20?? Really?? At once??) of babies you’ve created, your an old timer :joy: And us new kids on the block appreciate you!


@Gabriell I feel the same :pensive:
But… art is art and is valued and valuable.


yes and yes :heart: