Quinn is on sale

I’ve been patiently waiting for Quinn to be in stock, and on sale. Now he is! I need him to make a portrait baby of my sweet grandson Achilles.
Meanwhile…is there a bountiful babies anonymous group somewhere I can join? I’m getting out of control, not being able to resist the sales. :grimacing:


Wow he looks EXACTLY like him! And I LOVE the name Achilles

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Thank you. My daughter doesn’t think he looks enough like him. Quinn has a bigger nose. But I’ve yet to find a kit with Achilles’ perfect little nose. I’ll tell my daughter you like his name. They were determined to come up with something unique. I didn’t care for it at first. But he fits his name and I love it now. He’s 10 months old, walking and running all over the place, talking in sentences, even asking to go potty when he needs to pee. Wise little man, determined to do big things already. :heart:


Great match!! Maybe you can shade the nose a bit to make it look smaller.

That’s what I’m hoping. Who knows…if I get good at shading and blushing all these babies, maybe I can finally learn how to put on my own makeup right. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think it’s a great match too, can’t wait to see him finished

Oh my goodness! Great match!

I just ordered your grandson! LOL :blue_heart:

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I think it’s a great match but understand his momma’s concern. Being mothers I don’t think we EVER find the kit that matches our children perfectly. I have NEVER been able to find a close match for my daughter but I’m sure others probably could. I think I could match my granddaughter a little easier or maybe my great grandchildren.

Oh wow! Great match!

I agree. I can’t find any kits that match any of my 5 kids. I find several that have Achilles’ mouth shape. But it’s hard to find the whole perfect match. I also ordered this kit a couple of weeks ago to make a slightly older Achilles. His momma likes it better. But she says it looks like a sleepy Achilles. I guess I’ll just have to make them both and maybe one will look enough like him.


How about nico by gudun legler? x

Excellent choice!

I already have this Jamie kit on the way. Plus…she was on sale. :wink: