Quick question

Why isn’t my prismacolor pencil working in this doll? It just scrapes against the doll, no color. And it’s irritating me. Is there something I need to do with the pencil before drawing, or just draw? Help!

I base coat with either matte or satin varnish before my pencil touches the doll and occasionally there are still spots that won’t take pencil. I just retouch those with varnish, bake again, and then it’s usually fine. Sharpen your pencils constantly. That helps too.


I wet the tips if the pencil and it draws. wahla.


I wet the pencil sometimes too, but he waxier the pencil, the less well this works. And if you go too far and get them too wet, the line gets wide and sloppy.

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You can also try dipping the tip of the pencil in water. Be cautious though, as it gets a lot darker. I have though, that if you put water on your finger, and drag your finger along where you just put the pencil, it will smooth it out.

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