Quick question about marita winters kits!

Might be a silly question but she suggests air dry paint only but I would like to use my ghs. So any ladies or gents that have used her kits, did you use heat set or air dry? :wink:

Does she give a reason for only using air dry? You usually get to choose.

I have only done one Marita Winters kit, but I used GHS paints and it worked just fine. It would be interesting to find out why air dry paints are recommended.

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Well her website says " I cannot guarantee the vinyl if you use heat on it. My recommendation for all vinyl kits is to paint them with air dry paints. Heating vinyl can be damaging to the vinyl and to your health."

I assumed that it would be ok to heat but that she just doesn’t cover damages made heating. Which I understand. I just didn’t want to mess up my first kinda pricey kit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of people are switching to air dry paints. Don’t you have to wait a longish time between layers? I hate to have to re-gear and learn all new techniques. Still, Marita has a point. We do risk our health and risk damaging the vinyl with heat. I think this is just a disclaimer on her site so she won’t be held responsible for the kits or our health. I don’t mean that as any sort of criticism. People are very litigious these days.

I think she just says that for a liability clause. Dolldreams says that too.

Most of the artists and sellers say the same thing. @Kristi is right! I have reborned MANY of Marita’s kits and used GHSP on them without any problems. No one will cover you if you melt a kit!

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Thank you for the reassurance, Pia.

Yes, Tyvm! I thought that might be it but just wanted to make sure!

I have used both kinds of paints with no problems. I did contact Marita about the paints to see what type of air dry paints she recommended. I found out that she does not reborn herself but is concerned about the health risks. In my opinion, air dry paints are faster and I would still be using them if I hadn’t had those few times a spot came off while painting. I plan to sometime try a few different brands but did get setup better to use genesis.

As for Marita’s kits, they are wonderful and she is fantastic if you have questions.

I have used GHSP. I think that some kit makers also sell the air dry, and want people to buy their paints. And also, if anybody has some health problem in the future they will not be able to sue as they were told that the kits are not for baking.

@djjessie228 - Marita is a doll and she actually did reborn a baby at Rose last year. She took a class and painted a “kissable” (I think). She is lovely and lives about 45 minutes north of me. We had lunch together and a nice long visit. I hope to see her again this summer. A reborn friend of mine needed 3 Mikki kits for custom babies and they were sold out so she contacted Marita to see if she might just have the heads laying around and Marita found 6 kits that had been held for someone that never followed through SO problem solved. Very nice woman and lovely vinyl on all her kits. She was asking about the preferred vinyl color because her recent kits were so pale. I think she is going to try to go back to the Benji coloring on future kits. Has a new one coming out for Debbie Henshaw’s Class at ROSE in July. I am anxious to see it!

All her kits are so very sweet! I love the tiny kits!

I did a teddy (head) mixed Limbs. I used genesis with no issues

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Oh he’s sweet! I hope to do more of her kits soon, I just got Promise yesterday. She’s so tiny and sweet!