Questions about making big sleeping Joseph

I need some guidance. I’m getting ready to make my first reborn. I got the big sleeping Joseph kit. There is no ring size for his neck or legs on the website…where might I find these?

And I want to paint blond hair and eyebrows. What colors do you use to achieve this? Someone just posted this week of one that she painted and looks almost white and I love it !

A question about the body…so it comes with string. Do I still get zip ties for it?
Any help would be great! I am sure I’ll have more questions.
Thanks again! Caroline


Yes I’m in sterling va! I know ,but he was on sale and I love how big and chubby he is. Both my kids were very chunky

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Welcome to the forum! First baby - how exciting! What type of paint will you use?
We all will be looking forward to see your progress and completion.

As @anon76366621 Liz already said, there is no rings for big Joe. I use Aleen’s paper glaze in the grooves.
Strings should be replaced with zip ties. I don’t think Dollar Trees ties are long enough for Joe’s limbs. I look at my package and the are much shorter then ties from BB or any other dolls suppliers.

The blond hair answer will depend on what type of paint will you use - GHSP or air dry.

Good luck! Enjoy the process and have fun!

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Thank you!

Where do you find your paper glaze? I used to buy it years ago for scrapbooking but I I can’t find it anywhere. I should have ordered some from Bountiful Baby on Easter ugh

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I just found some on Amazon

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I thnk my was from Dollsbysandy.

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I use pledge floor polish as my gloss, and just recently started using it on the flanges too. It seems to be working ok and is a lot faster than super glue, and one bottle of that stuff last forever!

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Does anyone know what size shoes 3 month joseph wears and will 9-12 months clothes fit

I’m working on my 2nd Joseph (3 months asleep). He’s foot is 3” long. I’m using the BB body #3651 and he fits 6 months clothes. Depending on the cut, some 3-6 months clothes will fit also.


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I bought 9-12 months clothes because that is what bountiful baby recommends.