🤔🤔question please

I have a question and I would like if someone could help me! when rooting I pass the finger to the opposite of the hair and I feel that it clicks, like little points the hair outside, the same thing happens to you? is angoramohtique hair


Sorry I cannot help you with your question, but I did want too say that your rooting is beautiful! Quick question, can you get a nice swirl out of this rooting pattern? I ask because I am looking for a bit simpler rooting pattern that still swirls.

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I think so


Wow!!! That looks amazing!


Beautiful rooting !
They are maybe the tail of the hair, try to pluck those tiny tails. It’s happening to me continuously. Sometime you have to take a look at a different angle to see them, or use a magnifier.

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If I see them, and when I carry the baby, my arm is pricked a little, I don’t know if it will be normal

I love that!!! Thank you :blush:

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I use my finger to hold the hair down and pluck every little hair tail sticking up.

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Thank’s girls :kissing_heart:

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I do this, too. Some hairs are worse than others.

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