Question for those that have used Mikayla wig

doesn’t it run a bit small? it has been awhile since I have used that style…but seems I remember it runs a bit small…also…if anybody has a Dk brown one in a 14-15 or 16-17 you want to sell…please PM me!

I have used almost all of kemper wigs in one time, but the last lot was very disapointing, far too small, described as full cap and hardly covered the top of the head, with hair not reaching the ears. I think i bought wig size 15 and it looked too small on doll with 13" head.

I know the one and only wig I bought (can’t remember which style) was so small that i ended up buying extra hair in a line and rooting it to fill in the bottom half. She ended up gorgeous though!

probably Mikayla…I went back to the BB site and clicked on the pic…so it shows you pictures of that wig on Berenguers…and itis a very receeding hairline and really high over the ears…I am thinking to buy a larger size…but they are out of Dk brown anyway…and it doesn’t come in black…

Try ebay, or Doll Wigs, Doll Shoes, Doll Making Supplies - Monique Trading Corp.. I had to get the wig I used off ebay so my friend could have the color and size she wanted. Then ordered the extensions from monique (I rooted them instead of adding them to the wig). You may be able to find what you want.

I have bought from them before…but all their wigs are synthetic…I think this customer wants mohair…

The Mikayla wigs do run small, but I don’t think you can even find a 16/17" anymore. I don’t think you can find any Cassidy wigs in that size either. The 14/15" would probably work fine for a 12/13" head.

Audrey’s has them in the larger size…

Why not try the Kemper site? It is awful to get around, but I did find the Mikayla in mohair and they seem to have all sizes.

I never could figure out how to order from the Kemper site…since I have a tax # I get an additional 10% off at Audrey’s but she has a min order of $25

All you do is you select from the 2 drop down menus - one for size & one for colour, then click add to cart.
What annoys me about their site is that whatever you put in the search, you get everything else. Like I put in mohair wig reborn, and got on the 1st page eyes, pantihose & ONE mohair wig for reborn. It took me quite a while to find the listing for mohair Mikayla. You would think that in this day and age they can get somebody to make for them easily workable website; their old one was hopeless but this one is worse.