Question for people who make dolls and crochet

Hey guys! I have started selling my crochet items more and was wondering, those who sell reborns and crochet/something else, do you have two pages/business names? When i do craft sales, i sell mostly crocheted items and didnt know whether i should have a separate place online for my crochet or just start posting crochet items on my reborn page as well. Added some photos of my latest creations…


I dont know anything about crochet. But your creations are adorable.

I combine my dolls and crochet items on one page on both Etsy and reborns . Com.

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I combine the two on but have a separate facebook page for my clothing/crochet business. I’m thinking of having my clothing/crochet business be a blanket name with my nursery name being a brand inside of it.

I sell both on my eBay account (I’ve used it to sell crochet stuff since 2012) and I just started listing dolls on . I never thought to list my crocheted toys on there as well. I like the idea of having both combined, especially if you make any doll sized rattles or baby toys!