Question for all you alternative artists out there

I’ve notice with the alternative colors, there’s a tendency for the paint not to stick in certain places. I use genesis. How do you over come this? I’ve taken to staining the kit for the base coat- as in painting as heavy as I can, working the paint, and letting it soak before baking. Even that leaves a bit of an uneven tone. :thinking:

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I was hoping you’d respond! I debated on buying your Kalen for too long, and then I missed out. :disappointed: The over seas shipping scares me. I had a bad experience with a baby from Germany. Customs opened the box several times, and it took almost 3 months to get him home. He arrived damaged. :expressionless: Thank you for your advice. I’m wondering if a genesis medium would do the trick…

I had that problem also…then I was adding layers …I put it in the oven and it came out chalky…FINALLY I learned how to put color on it that stuck and wasn’t chalky…I added thinning medium.

I can’t remember where I saw it here on BB but someone once posted about including a letter to customs in the box with small samples of what is inside of the doll and how it is made. Not sure if it helps to stop them from ripping the doll apart or not but it’s worth a try. I did it one time and the sale worked out but it might not have made a difference including that stuff.

Priming your kits before painting solves most all issues with paints not sticking. I prime every kit I paint now. Both Air Dry Paints and Genesis paints will stick well to an air dry primer. You want to use one that can withstand the heat of heat setting as well if using Genesis. I have found that the RebornFX Primer works well for both types of paints and also can be heat set. If you prefer, you can use the Golden Fluid Matt Medium as a primer. I have heat set it in the past as well with no problems. If you are painting with air dry paints, let the primer you use cure for 30 mins to an hour before painting over it. If you plan to paint with Genesis, I suggest you let your air dry primer cure for 24 hours due to the solvents used in mixing Genesis.


Can you offer the other bidder a second chance offer if she does not pay in two days ?

@anjsmiles , when you use a primer before painting do you just brush it on?? I would be interested in doing this using the Reborn FX primer even though I paint with Genesis. Is the primer thin like water or must it be pounced out thinly? Please Advise.

That’s a huge problem with eBay, especially in the reborn market. I had someone bid me up really high on a baby I desperately wanted. Ultimately, I lost because I just couldn’t imagine going any higher. The person wound up not paying, and the baby got relisted. I won and paid half of what he originally sold for… I felt a little bad for the artist. My suggestion is to offer the baby to the secondary buyer if the first buyer doesn’t pay!

Excellent advice thank you! Where would I buy the primer from? Do you apply it in the same manner you’d apply a paint layer? Or can you just brush it on?

RebornFX primer can be purchased from MacPhersons arts and crafts. I just brush it onto a damp cosmetic wedge and then pounce a thin layer onto my vinyl pieces. Here is a video I made this summer where I showed hot to apply it.