Question about using a berenguer/jc toys doll head

Hi there everyone! I have a jc toys/berenguer lots to cuddle doll head that I am going to use with a set of painted Libby limbs I have. I was wondering if I would be able to use the Bountiful Baby 22-23" body with them (I know I can with the limbs) but what about the head? Would I need a neck flange/neck ring? or Would I need to have a body custom made?
This is the head in question:

That head looks like it has a neck flange, so it should work. I’d use body #4798. It’s a little bit shorter but will fit better. And, it’s on sale.


Thanks! Would that body work with the Libby limbs?

It should. It’s 3/4 limbs and the position of the leg caps should make the legs sit just right. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished baby.

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