Question about turquoise mottling

Hi there everyone! I am using Golden fluid acrylic. When doing blue mottling/shading, does anybody use their turquoise color? How thin should it be?
I know Golden’s paint is highly pigmented. I’m trying to find a air dry color similar to Bountiful Baby’s vein blue. I think I may have asked that question in another thread before. I know a greenish blue. I’ve used this tool to try and match:
When I’ve tried matching the color, I got turquoise
Here’s a picture I took of some bb vein blue: (I bought a very small jar of bb vein blue to test the color. I don’t have any thinner as I use air dry paints.)

It looks turquoise to me.

I would call it a muddy turquoise though, it’s not bright


I wonder if I added some black to it if it would help?

Black will make it a shade darker of what you already have. If you want it less green looking add some blue.


I mottle with primary blue very thinned out, purple, shades of red, yellow ochre and sometimes sap green. This color is one I would use for veins.


Thank you! What shade of blue is primary blue? Phthalo blue or ultramarine?

I think either one would work. I typically use what I have that looks closest to me. I am not where I can look at the colors right now that are in my stash.

It looks like concentrated equivalent to Genesis Vein Blue.
I use it for veins, mottling, shading ‘blue’ spots undertones.

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Thanks which one did you mean? Turquoise or primary blue?

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I responded to your original question about this color


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I’m the opposite of yelena and use ultramarine very thin for both veins and undertones :wink:

Play around and see what works for your vision :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that’s the fun of art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks everyone! I’m trying to go for this kind of coloring:
I think for the blue mottling, undertones and veins I may just use Cerulean Blue Deep

I would totally use that but I would dilute the heck out of it.

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GHSP vein blue that’s more of a deep pthalo blue green is the color I use to do veins and some of my mottling. Just be careful and do a test application on something before actually applying it to your baby to make sure it’s not too dark. It’s a difficult color to tone down once it’s on there. it’s got powerful staining properties and you’ll believe me if you get any on your fingers! Perfect color though when diluted well.


Thanks! Did you mean the cerulean blue deep or the turquoise?