Question about thinner

hey everyone. I see that BB sells the thinner for use with the genesis paints…but my question is, how long does that small thing of thinner really last? I just dont want to buy it and not have enough to complete a doll…


right…ok so I need to just stop by the hardware store. thanks.

BTW I noticed you are from western ma? I was born and raised in massachusetts. I just moved last year.

Hi! The thinner only lasted me for the first baby! I like the thinner, I wish I could buy a tub of it, I have Mona Lisa thinner too I use that for everything now but if I had more money I would use mona lisa for skin tone and blush and genesis thinning medium for everything else! but as of now its mona for everything. its not bad, i just like to use the thinniong medium for veins especially.

Walmart does have thinner and mineral spirits. I actually use mineral spirits. I find it doesn’t evaporate as fast as thinner. It is located in the paint section of the store.

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Any kind of hardware/craft store thinner will do – just make sure it’s colorless. (Pretty much all the standard thinners are.) I used some fancy environmentally-friendly thinner halfway through my first baby and it darkened the paint. I should have known when I opened the bottle, because it looked more like milk than water.

Genesis thinner isn’t a liquid. It’s more like a gel. The advantage is that you can thin the paint without making it watery, which is great for painting things like veins and eyebrows where you want more control.

I’d recommend a little jar of Genesis thinner for detail work and a jug of the hardware store stuff for everything else.

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yep! what she said!

ok…sounds like mineral spirits are the way to go. I do remember when I was making reborns back in 09 the thinner would evaporate so fast! I didnt know you could use mineral spirits tho…

I have never used Mona Lisa, but I would think it would. I don’t have any issues using mineral spirits.

I bought some odorless mineral spirits from Home Depot once and it WAS NOT odorless! I liked to have choked to death! Ever since then I buy the artist grade odorless thinner. I have recently started using the Genesis thinner for all my flesh layers and I like the finish I get with it much better. It seems to be more true to color.

I use the cheapest odorless thinner sold at the hardware store in the village. It is 4.98 a quart…lasts a good while.
Lately I have been using Genesis Thinning Medium in more and more of my layers. I love the smoothness it gives, the control and the end result is so nice without any gritty look to it. It is especially good in my ethnic babies. It just helps with the really really dark tones to make them even and not sooty or spotty.
I see no reason to pay all kinds of money for the same basic product. Like I say the odorless paint thinner from the hardware has done me well for more than a year and half. I have used a quart and half of it so far and that included the gob that overflowed the funnel when I was filling the smaller container one day. Good thing there was a plastic tablecloth on the table.!