Question about Selling Seconds kits

When you use a seconds kit, do you charge less? Does it seem to matter to the buyer that you do not have a certificate?

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I don’t charge any different. And so far, I haven’t had a single customer care about a realborn certificate. They seem to care about the certificates for higher priced LE kits, but not about Realborns. It might be different when you’re an artist making expensive babies. But with my $200-300 babies, nobody cares.


I typically don’t. I noticed that most of the BB seconds don’t have visual flaws. I honestly think it would mostly matter if you were selling a blank kit.


Do you tell them it is a seconds kit?

No. Just say “no certificate.” If by chance there’s a noticeable flaw once you’ve completed the kit, then mention it. But I’ve never had a seconds kit that had any flaw visible at the end. They usually wash off or are easy to cover.


Thank you both for your responses. There are some realborns I want to purchase but I can never seem to get them when on sale so I though I would try seconds. I hate that seconds are more than first quality on sale. That seems weird.


It does seem weird. And now most of the seconds realborn kits are $40. Very weird.


I believe the pricing increases when they are about to sell out.


I haven’t sold any but if I did, I would disclose they were seconds kits and I would charge what I paid.

Most buyers will not understand what the word “seconds” means. I’ve bought many nonBB kits that had some type of flaw in them and many BB seconds kits that were perfectly fine. I disclose flaws on the finished baby when I list, if any.
As far as pricing, the price of the kit goes into my materials side of pricing and then my labor is part of the other. Paying less for the kit may help bring down the price of the materials, but not necessarily the overall pricing of the reborn.


With each listing, I make a very detailed list of what is coming home with the doll. If I have a COA, I list it. If I don’t, then I just don’t mention it.

I agree… most people don’t know what “seconds” means and the ones who do don’t seem to care. Even the collectors that I sell to don’t seem to care about COAs unless it’s a LE kit. COA seems to matter more when you are trying to sell a blank kit.

I always disclose flaws and price accordingly… which, by the way, I frequently need to do with first quality kits from other companies because of flaws in the vinyl. :roll_eyes:


I think every kit i bought from BB was either on sale or a second. I honestly can say i never came across any flaw so far that was more than a smudge of dirt which i washed off or maybe the lip of a limb was a little rough. Since some are on sale with no certificate, I would only disclose as sale kit-no certificate when asked, including seconds. Only if no visible flaws are found.