Question about Santa

if I were to do this sculpt as a man…instead of santa…and wanted to dress in a suit…what size would I use?

Not a clue but it would be a way to use that sculpt and Mrs. Santa more. As long as you aren’t looking for a portrait sculpt. An old-timey couple?

what size child is 34"? may have to Google that!

No idea let us know, and where to find a suit to fit him. I am thinking when I get around to doing mine I will make a leather pants and vest. I just need to see if I can find a motorcycle the right size.

This is a great page to bookmark!
looks like Santa would need about a size 2…maybe a 3 if you want a loose fit?

Thank you for the reference

DId you notice the old man they made out of Santa in the gallery???

yes!!! Amazing! I have a different project going for him though!

If I remember right, they are the same height as Tibby. I think the features might be smaller. Tibby wears size two. Some day I want to work on a set that will have clothing for all occasions and seasons. I also want to put armatures in both.