Question about Red Ruby Mohair in Auburn and the Monkey kits

Does anyone know if the Auburn Straight “NuBorn Mohair” is too orange/red to look right on a baby Orangutan?

I see that wouldn’t work. Thanks for posting!

Yes, I will probably wind up dying my own. I haven’t ordered the kit yet. I was waiting to see if I needed to get the mohair here too because I know that the Ruby Red mohair is more coarse and stands out so it would probably make great monkey hair. I think what I might do is to buy the blonde and experiment with dying it using a combination of auburn and brown acid dye I have here.

I am apprehensive about doing one of these monkeys but believe it or not, my husband wants one! I was also thinking about what a pain it must be to try to get down inside the limbs with a brush to seal the the mohair on the inside! LOL!

Yes, I saw that. I gotta get a baby sold before I can buy anything though, including the kit. I think I want to try dying the RR blonde to the color I need. I want it to be coarse so it won’t matte up easily with handling.

You know, the more I look at these and think about it the more I am leaning towards the idea of making mine a chimp instead. That way I can buy the black mohair. Looks like skin tones vary on these babies too from very fleshy colored to almost black in places.

I used it on my Shyanne below. Too red for you I think.

Oh, you are right about the ears are probably too small. Hmmm. I guess Gorilla is the only other possibility.

Yea, if I need to I will get it from her but I will probably try to dye the RR blonde to see how it goes first, if I do indeed decide to tackle one of these monkeys!