Question about RebornFX

So I got a bunch of RebornFX paints and the emulsion, and I’ve been following the tutorials, but I’m confused. Is it supposed to peel? I put some on a test head with nothing underneath, it dried, but then it started peeling off. Has anybody else had this? i don’t know if it’s the paint or user error but I invested a lot of money in these paints :grimacing:

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It’s not supposed to peel. Have you wash the head ? The only other thing that may cause that it is that it’s not completely dry/cure.


I have but I’ll try on a different head and see if it does the same

I have never used my reborn fx without primer down first…

But I have never had it peel. I can however scrape it off of my plastic paint bowl…
What type of test head is it?

was it applied thin? Pounced on? etc


How thick are you using it?
It needs to be very, very thin

How do I thin it? I know with Golden you use water and I haven’t had any problems with it but I’m not sure if I can for RebornFX

@MacPhersonCrafts has videos on many of their products. They have primer, paint dilutent, emulsion, open time, matting fluid, sealer, varnish, etc.

ReBornFX Air Dry Mediums

Here is their play lists on you tube in the reborn fx one there is a class with 7 parts as well


You can add a bit of water or the dilutent, +the emulsion.

I have never had peeling, even without priming. I usually use either emulsion or dilutent, no real plan on that. Ive been using dilutent lately though.

Never have I had it to peel. I wash my kits in hot soapy water and let soak a couple hours or more. Then rinse and air dry. I prime with RebornFX primer then paint with all my air dry paints. You can add a little emulsion to thin the color down more. Emulsion is just paint with no pigment in it. You can also use their diluent to further thin which is much like a flow medium. You can also add a few drops of distilled water but I highly caution to limit the water and not over thin as it causes paints to fade when they are over thinned with water.

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