Question about prototypes

So I’m a bit confused on what a prototype actually is. I thought it was a baby made by an artist chosen by the sculptor, to show what the sculpt can look like before the kits go up for sale. But I see people advertising “prototype” that isn’t the prototype shown, for example, on the BB website, nor made by that artist. Can someone explain?

Most kits have more than one prototype. So it may be another one?

Oh, so they have several artists do it and then pick the one to feature?

With bb they usually pick 3 artist I think and then before the release they show and link to each one of those dolls as they are completed. Don’t know how they decide which one is featured on their site after the release

I guess the best way is to ask @bbsupport how they do it. It would be interesting to know, even though I will most likely NEVER reach the level of prototype artist. :slight_smile: BB is very open about the information, so I think they will explain it.

I think all of their prototypes for each kit are shown in the more info/pictures link from there it shows multiple photos of the 3 prototypes (for Alma) that are shown under the large photo on the listing page

If someone is stating theirs is a prototpye and it isn’t (which I have seen some do), I normally mention it.
Or if I see them say SOLD OUT kit - and the kit is still for sale… :confused:


After writing all that I think I may have misunderstood at first…

Thanks, I sometimes wonder when asking something if it’s a dumb question but you all are always so nice!

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A prototype is the first samples of a particular kit, before the batch production is ordered. The number of prototypes depends on how many samples we have made. It is usually between 4-6 prototypes of each baby (though we keep one or two for our own reference).

Prototypes are typically sent to artists to give us example photos of that kit before the kit is released. Some prototypes are also sent to artists who request to donate babies to ROSE. A lot of the giveaway babies at ROSE are also prototypes, even though a lot of those babies will be released before ROSE. A prototype is simply our first sample made of that kit. You can tell which are prototypes (of our kits anyway) by whether or not they come with a numbered prototype certificate. This certificate tends to bring up the value of the kit.

The photos on our website are usually photos of the prototypes, but not always.



There is never a dumb or stupid question. If a person doesn’t know something they would like to know the only way they can find out is to ask.


Thank you so much, Jessica! I knew BB would come through with info for us. :slight_smile: Hope you are having a wonderful, blessed day!


Thank you!

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I didn’t know about the certificate! Good info!