Question about posting accessories for the babies

I’d like to see or post photo of things you have for your babies. Either things you’ve made or have gotten for them. Just didn’t know if any of you create other items or if I finish something where to post a photo of it. I’ve made the little bottles since I can get the preemie bottles here. Actually bought a bunch of them today just to have on hand in case I try to sell a baby or participate in something on here. I also am trying to make some pacis for Caleb, fancy up some onesies, finish a doll quilt I started last year…husband gets aggravated at all the half finished things. Hoping having a place to show them off would give me some incentive.

They wouldn’t really go in reborn showcase so would this be the right place? Anyone know? Anyone else want to show us what they’ve done to give us ideas? I want to get my babies displayed better soon. Right now my unreborns are displayed and my one finished reborn is usually in a doll crib or being used to measure things or just hanging out by me. Have problems with the 12 yr old being jealous so I don’t get to play as much as I’d like to! She’d kill me for writing that but she doesn’t mind it if I’m making something, just doesn’t like me playing dress the baby!

But I’d like to make some things for Babies and show them off. Or ask for advice. Anyone else interested?

You could show us here or you could show us in Bountiful Baby Talk. If you start a thread, I am sure people will join in on posting, too. It would be fun.

I’m wanting to get a fairy kit to do and while in town today, I found the perfect fairy wings to start out with at only $1 a pair. I bought 3 but one is still in the car.
I plan to remove the bug from the middle and add magnets to attach. The wings are each about 6 inchs wide so they should work. Going to go back and get more colors. They are in the outdoor section at Family dollar. Also got lots of 2 oz bottles and some hair bows and hairbands to work on.

I’ll look for larger ones. I pm’d you back before I saw this. I don’t know if you want the same as in several sets exactly the same or the same type ( butterfly or dragonfly). They come in a lot of colors also. PM me about it. I’ll try to pick up some in any case if I see bigger ones. I just like the fact they did the work for me and cheaper than I can do it!