Question about plastisol

Hi there everyone! I’ve seen posts about using plastisol as weighting in the head and limbs. It’s supposed to be like silicone but not effect the vinyl like silicone normally does. It’s supposed to help the doll feel soft/squishy. I have a few questions for those who have used plastisol,
1.) can you use it in BB vinyl or does it have to be a specific type of vinyl?

2.) if you use it in the head and limbs, can you weigh the doe suede body like normal with glass beads?

3.) is it non toxic since it can be heated in a microwave?

4.) how does it hold up?

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@Emma has used it.

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@Emma is way more knowledgeable than I am but I’ve used it several times. It is a poly vinyl material so it would be safe to use in any vinyl. You have to heat it in the microwave, but it isn’t non toxic as it has a very strong smell. I bought a used microwave and I use it outside in my carport. It’s difficult to get the smell out of your microwave and I worried about it tainting my food . I make “butt cheeks” with Plastisol by pouring it into a large plastic soup ladle as its the perfect size to fit in most bodies, and then I weight the body with glass beads and angel silk.

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I think @chatrat covered everything I was going to say, but I just wanted to stress what she said about the microwave: you don’t want to heat it in a microwave you cook with. It’s not any more toxic after curing than cured vinyl is, but while hot, just like vinyl or any other melted plastic, it has dangerous fumes and you always want to use a respirator mask while working with it. And yes you can fill the cloth body as you normally would. And it holds up very well, I have a test limb from over 6 years ago that looks exactly the same today as it did the day I poured it. But like any product, durability depends on the quality of Plastisol you buy.


Thanks ladies! I have decided I will just stick with the glass beads,Steel shot and polyfil method I am used to for now :slight_smile:

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