Question about moneygram

I have a customer that is having a problem sending money over certain amounts from Canada. What are other payment methods that you all have used other than PayPal? From Canada to the US?

IDK but could she send 2 or 3 smaller payments?

I am wary of these type people. I had someone contact me via FB messenger wanting to buy my Greta listed on reborns. He said he did not want to go through FB to make the transaction. I said that was fine as it was listed on reborns and he could buy there. Then he said he did not want to use a link. What??? He says he wants to use Zelle and claims his PP account was compromised, so I looked Zelle up. Everything I read about it says it is not safe for the buyer as there is no buyer protection. So why was this guy wanting to use it? Then I realize after further looking at his message that his messenger is coming to me through FB from Instagram. His account is new and I cannot put up any info on it. I have an Instagram account but I really do not post there so that was a flag to me. It seems a lot of scammers come through Instagram apps to FB Messenger now days. All I can think of is if I put my financial/bank info in to a Zelle app that maybe he can somehow compromise me. It may be paranoia on my part but I got a weird vibe on the whole thing. I told him I see his account is new and he has no history and I do not take anything but PP and that I am getting a weird feeling about him so no deal. Then I blocked him. You just can’t be too careful these days so when people start saying they have issues sending their money through PP it causes me to ask questions.


I think you did the right thing. I would have done the same.

I no longer use Paypal after a few transactions that were really unfair to me. I have severed my relationship with them and will never use Paypal again. So I look for other options…

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I understand that. Don’t use Zelle though. It is not protected for you. My husband told me Clark Howard says that it is frought with scammers.

Also be wary of Marketplace on Fb. I had a lady ask to purchase a doll from me and she wanted to use Zelle and then Venmo. Initially she sent an email that looked legitimate- but upon further inspection- it was not. The Venmo address was not and there was no place to send tracking and or ship plus few misspellings. I told her I only take PayPal and the gig was up- she disappeared. Also she wanted it shipped right away- another red flag.

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