Question about Genesis paints and yellowing

I use air dry paints so I don’t know much about Genesis but wondered something after looking up some info on acrylics. I was reading that oil paints can yellow with time while acrylics don’t. That made something click when I was reading a blog earlier about someone’s reborn turning yellow. Could it be the actual oil in the genesis paint that is yellowing since genesis is a oil-based paint? Just curious. I can’t use genesis because of being highly allergic to scents so I don’t want to take a chance of fumes.

I have never heard of Genesis turning yellow. My Genesis babies have not turned any colors but remained true as the day I painted them. Oil painted reborns where linseed oil was used to thin the oil paints can turn yellow or orangish over time. We learned that back in the day of early reborning. Also, many of the Berenguer vinyls changed colors just on their own even when not painted.