Question about doe suede bodies and full frontal limbs

Would frontal legs work on a non-jointed full leg body or would I have to order a body that is meant for frontal limbs? OR like is it all the same? Thank you.

It depends on the individual thigh length. I always put 3/4 legs on full-leg, front-loading bodies. The thigh need to be almost the length of the bottom half of the leg or the legs will look too short.

There’s front loading bodies? lol Okay so I’m ordering Coco Malu. He has 3/4 arms and full front legs. I normally order custom bodies or recommended ones (when ordering BB’s kits). But the site I’m ordering Coco Malu from just has full non-jointed leg bodies. I’m not sure they would work.

Some full legs are designed to attach in the front and some are designed to attach on the side. Make sure the body style matches the leg style. If you post a link to the body, it will be easier to determine if it’ll work.

Coco body is normally custom but I’m ordering from Dolls So Real and they don’t sell his custom body.


That will work! You could also use BB’s body #7540

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Nvm thank you Amy. It says right in the description designed for full front facing legs lol I guess I should have read that lol

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You may want to check out the link I posted. The body has a better shape.

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@demonicchic12 Suggested that body as well. Should have listened lol Thank you both. I’ll probably go with BB’s.

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You’ll LOVE it!!

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