Question about dewy skin

Is dewy skin used as a final varnish? I’ve never used it before so I’m not sure.

Lol I’ve bought all that stuff and have no idea how to use any of it. Dewy skin, looks alive, etc someone said you mix them with your ghsp layers like any other medium.

I’ve tried it on a test limb but didn’t notice a difference

Maybe someone who knows what they are doing and pipe in and save us from ourselves


LOLOL! You’re funny.


I used it mixed with a flesh color and it looks really good actually lol. I didn’t want to paint over it if I didn’t need to.

I’ve used Dewy Skin for several years and it is to be used like ghsp sealer, pouncing on straight out of the jar and heating as the final layer. It is recommended that you work quickly only on one limb at a time so you can heat it right after applying. This is what makes the “dewy” appearance. I’ve used it without too many problems overall, but sometimes it seems to get shiney or chalky and I’m considering changing my sealer.

I use Dewy Skin. I use it as my final coat layer, the last layer. I used to bake it wet, but now I let it air dry completely then bake. It still looks dewy. I think it makes all the colors “pop” (like it is still wet.)


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Is BB’s look alive medium the same thing? What I have came from Macpherson’s.