Question about BB kits

Has BB ever made any other full vinyl kits like Nod??

I don’t believe so - just Blinkin and Nod.

Thank You I was just wondering… Does anyone know of any other kits that are full vinyl??? People are consta the hel;pntly asking for babies under $100 and it seems like the full vinyl I can do cheaper just because Idont have to buy the body… Thanks for the help

In that case, your best bet is to buy an all vinyl play doll that does not have rooted hair, take it apart, strip the factory paint and reborn it. Berenguer dolls are good ones for this purpose although most of the time, they have molded hair that you have to sand down to root.

Good luck!

berenguer has a full body that is 15 inches and sells for 20.00.

There are also some Vintage Berjusa dolls that are anatomically correct and some are on Ebay at great prices. Also, there’s one great older Cititoy doll I’d like to get my paws on

Come on, BB, make us some more full vinyl dolls

Thank you so much!!! Another question… What is the best product you have found for stripping old dolls paint off

I use goof off.

I use a strong “Marabu” solvent since Goof off isn’t available here. It’s gentle to the vinyl, but takes off baked GHSP within seconds (a little harder to strip factory paint, but still great)