Question about BB eyes

So iam new at this and iam getting my first order ready but iam a little confused about the eyes . Some kits say 20 mm half rounded eyes and some just say 20 mm . Are the all the same on the BB website except for sizing ?

Some are glass eyes.Acrylic eyes are cheaper.More than likely when it says 20 mm,it means the same as 20 mm half round.Some eyes will be whole round when you buy them but they will pop apart and be half round.Not sure if all the BB eyes are already half rounds or not.I buy eyes from a lot of different places.Oval eyes ,the kit would specify to use oval shape.Hope this helps a little.

Yes it does thank you so much ! Just nervous about ordering the wrong supplies .

Sorry she has already sold them.

It’s ok thanks for checking for me . How long have you been reborning ?

Selling what I reborn for close to 10 years but made them a couple years before that and all my friends and family got my first attempts lol

I’ve done a lot of crafty stuff but I’ve never done any kind of painting so iam really stressed about that .

And hair rooting !!! I ain’t even gonna attempt that yet lol

Practice makes perfect.If they are for children,they are going to love them even if not perfect.

I have six foster daughters that want them for Christmas and two granddaughter so I got plenty to prastice on lol

I am working on a cuddle baby for a little 5 year old who’s mom died when she was 1 year old.Cuddle baby bodies are easy since all you do is paint the head and attach it to a stuffed body.Of course you have a lot of unused arms and legs laying around.

That sounds pretty cool so what do u do with the extra arms and legs can u use them with other heads ? Or I guess u can just prastice painting on them

Where r you from ?

extras in case of accidents or sometimes other people are looking for them and you can sell them.

North Carolina…My reborn nursery is “Carolina Cuties”

Iam from Alabama do u no anyone from here ? So u have a nursery that u sell your dolls from ?

Just what I call my nursery,most of the reborners have a nursery name.I sell mostly on ebay and locally.Word of mouth is a big help.Took one of babies to the store with me today,so all the girls that I know there could see her.Ended up talking to practically everybody in the store because everybody wanted to look at her.One woman wouldn’t get close to her because she said she looked too

I seen where people have painted there berenger baby dolls for prastice. Iam sure I can find one around here to prastice on when I get some paints . What kind of paints do u use

I use the heat set genesis paints and a nuwave pro oven.

I may come back on later.My timer just went off and I need to get a baby out of the oven .lol