Question about BB 42g CROWN needles

Does anyone know if the Bountiful Baby 42g CROWN needles are as good as the ones Tinkerbell sells? I am trying to find a place to buy 42g crown needles that does not have to be shipped overseas.

So are you saying they root thick or thinner? The ones I have been getting from Tinkerbell don’t leave visible holes and I am able to micro root from the cut ends of the mohair for a nice micro rooted head that is not pluggy.

Okay, that looks about like what I am expecting. I do root from the middle when I am rooting a baby that I am not going to charge as much for or if I am rooting a big head with thicker hair and plan to style the hair all curly anyways, like as in an AA baby. If you are wanting hair that lays nicely flat to the head it is best to root from the ends though.

This baby was rooted from the middle with a Tinkerbells 42g crown needle and she is not all pluggy.

When I am micro rooting I root from the ends. I find that the crown needles I have been using work well for both. I just wanted to make sure that the BB needles don’t leave big holes or go dull fast or break easily. I bought some BB German forked needles once and they were awful about leaving big holes whereas the German forked needles I was using from Dolldreams did not. So therefore I do know not all needles are created equal. For the price I think I will give these BB needles a try because the ones I get from Tinkerbells are twice as much by the time I pay the shipping and all. I used to get crown needles from Bloomers N Bows but alas poor Elena has gone to be with the Lord. I miss her.

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bb has a 42g needles with 3 barbs and a 43g with 1 barb…dd sells 46g…sage

I have some of the 43g with 1 barb that I got from Hunnybuns but I found that the 42g crown needles I have been using actually micro root better than the 1 barb needles for some reason.


Would a 46 crown needle root fine hair like alpaca?

I’m no expert but have been through a lot of needles! The 42g crown is by far my favorite and the only needle I can root with. I find it microroots percrctly. That’s just my newbie opinion though. Lol.

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