Question about Airbrush medium

Hi there everyone! I use the Golden Fluid acrylic paints. I have been reading about people using Golden Airbrush Medium to thin their paints. Is this good to use with painting all skin tones or just the ethnic/biracial skin tones? How much of it to I need to add to my paint mixes?

I only used it twice for ethnic skin tone and like it. It’s sticky so I don’t use it much. I mix it about the same as regular medium.

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Oh ok. When you used the airbrush medium, did it make the paint like a watercolor consistency? I think that’s what I am trying to get. I tried using a little retarder, fluid matte medium and distilled water in my paints.

I use it mixed with some distilled water for mottling etc. and full strength for painting hair with a little retarder. I prefer the Jo Sonjas over the Golden because the JS does not get quite as tacky and shiny.


Sincerely I don’t remember, the last time I used it was last year. I didn’t use other mefium, just this.

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Can you use the flow medium in more than one paint layer?

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You can but the more layers you use with just it the more tacky feel you get. I find if you mix some Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel with it that helps a lot though.

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Ok can I add Golden brand soft gel gloss to it instead of the Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel?

Angie knows more than I do, but I don’t think that word work because the Golden Soft Gel Gloss is a glossy finish, not matte. I sometimes paint with air dry and I do just what she said with the Ultra Matte Gel by Liquitex and it does help.

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You would want to use a matte product to help reduce the tacky feel.