Put your best foot forward

Considering Joan set such a great example, I decided to follow. Everyone who shares a photo of their best baby feet will be put in for a drawing. (I have a baby foot fettish )

***ADDED—how about if I draw a name on Sunday evening.

I have put together a little package with newborn socks, 0-6 month socks and 12 month socks. I have included a new pair of size 0 soft shoes. I figured if their feet are warm then the other end should be, too, so I’ve inlcuded a newborn monkey hat.

So, come on ladies, let’s see those feet.

These are Sienna’s feet.

LOL I am having so much fun today! These feet belong to drew. I thought they were so tiny and cute. I use this photo still on my Thank you cards for my reborns.

Contests just make everyone smile!!! FUN!!

Baby Harry’s feet (Aubrey)

My keeper Jackson (Teagan)

here are my Honey’s feet!!!

Ok here are lil Jilliannas feet (Anna)

and our lil alien baby from last year Tokays feet (one sock on -one off 1)

Aww -thanks I love yours Too ! And All the others also -Thanks so much Kim this is so fun !!!

I am just going to pick a name out of a hat. I wouldn’t even begin to think of actually having to decide on just one pair of little feet. They are all delightful and winners to me.

How about a set of fairy feet?
[attachment=0]leg detail-sm.jpg[/attachment]

Very nice little tootsies everyone. You don’t have to limit it to just one pic.

Love the fairy feet and those lil chubby piggy toes !!!

Just bumping this up in case there are still some folks who want to add a picture. I will be drawing a name from a hat on Sunday evening. So, come on folks, don’t be shy. Show us your feet. Karen in NE, Katy, where are your feet?

Love all these baby feet…here are some of mine:

These are Libby’s little chubby feet!

I have feet on the way!

Rosebud feetsies!!!

enter my Libby’s feet please

I love baby feet too!! Here’s a few of mine.

Brandon - Pat Moulton

Eden - Marissa May

Kyle - Pat Moulton

and Shyann’s tiny toes!

I am a Packers fan and will announce the winner after the game. You’ll see why.

The game isn’t over, so I guess you squeaked in just in time!! Plus, I’m so nice!!

Such chubby little piggies. They are cute.

I am glad you like everything. I was fun to think up a theme.