Pugs eyes

  did anyone else have trouble with putting in the pugs eyes????? i had to wrestle so much with them that my paint came off.......soooo angry..........     

Was the head hot from the oven? i have developed the habit of putting eyes in after the first bake.

the head was hot from the oven , i used the 22mm like bb said and as i said it was so hard to get them in that the paint came off the face…i always bake for 10 minutes…needless to say i’m gutted…sage

I am sorry hun.

thanks , i’ve cleaned her up and am repainting her face…i was so gutted cos i was realy pleased with how she had turned out…i did her as a boston…well pride goeth before a fall…sage

thanks debora for your help and support…sage

will do, her eyes are dry now…sage