Public thank you

I just wanted to say thank you to djjessie228. She an di have been talking and she sent me a huge box of stuff to help make the Christmas gifts better for those on the angel tree. There were clothes, socks, toys, head bands, diaper bags, bottles and pacs and lots of stuff. Thank you so much! She sent me 2 crocheted necklaces.

Wow, that is wonderful! We always pick little boys names off of the tree but maybe next year when I have more experience with reborning I could pick little girls name too. That would be so much fun!

I don’t mind at all. I had fun putting the box together and it was something I could do for others. Sometimes I feel so limited physically about helping people that this gave me a chance to join in. Plus I spent half of my childhood in Arkansas. I know how needy some of the families are…and I just like Arkansas!

No other place I want to live!