Prototype out for Asia Brace

I just saw thks on my Instagram feed. I’ve been staring at her blank kit for a while now but I love Linda Hill’s version of Asia.
She looks like she’s going to be a big baby.


She’s 25 inches. I can’t wait to get hold of her. :heart_eyes:


She sure does look like she is going to be a big baby… I wonder if she will be a toddler?

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Awww… she is precious.

Well that clears it up for me! She’s too big for me. At least there is one less kit to covet. :joy:

Do you not do kits that large, or do you use the oven and it is not large enough?

She has the same limbs as Margot.


I use air dry but I’m just starting out. I’ve painted one doll and he’s not even put together yet. Waiting to find the time to get polyfill.

I’m staying away from bigger kits because as a new artist I have no credibility, repeat customers or positive feedback, which is normal and I get that I have to build that up. Finanically, I will loose money trying to sell bigger babies. I live in Canada. The hobby doesn’t seem to be as big over here and I feel like people arent going to want to pay the higher shipping fee for an artist they dont even know. My goal is to break even or even make a little but I don’t see myself buying a kit that big. I passed up on June awake too for the same reason :heart:

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Tootsie Roll arms! LOL!


That makes total sense. I use air dry and I love that I am not having to be concerned if it will fit in the oven. :slight_smile: I haven’t sold any dolls and never intended to when I started. I may someday, but now. :slight_smile: Best of everything to you in your selling.

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Thanks! This is just a hobby for me. It’s that I need to sell to be able to make more. It also gives me a chance to practice and improve for when I paint my keepers

Oh, yeah. I am blessed to not have to sell to make right now. I might someday, though. We never know. I have about 40 or so waiting to be painted. Sometimes I think I am a collector of kits instead of a reborner of kits! LOL

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I feel you. I’m a minimalist at heart and live in a very cute but small apartment. Hopefully thaf will keep the hoarding at bay. Lol

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Ahhh that’s so good to know! Yes, I’ve always beem interested in doing a bigger baby just for the artistic challenge so maybe one day :smirk:

Good idea to make deals with Canadian buyers! Thanks so much for the help :slight_smile:

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