Prototype bassinet bag

PROTOTYPE BASSINET BAG - I am working out my own pattern to make bassinet bags for babies. This is my first one to make. The bag is 3 ply. The outside is a print cotton/poly blend cloth. The inside is a lightweight quilted solid cloth. Sandwiched between the two is a firm stabilizer material. The stabilizer allows the bag to hold its shape when the top is rolled down to make a bassinet. The floor of the bag is rectangular bottomed but is not any stiffer than the rest of the bag. So when the baby is being toted in the bag, the bottom has enough give that it cradles around the baby. This bag is my test run so it is not perfected. For one thing, I think it is a bit larger than I will continue to make them. This one is 20" across the bottom, 24 1/4" across the top and 13 /2" high. I will be reducing the overall size on my next pattern. IT DOES HAVE A FLAW IN THE TOP STITCHING WHERE MY MACHINE WAS SKIPPING STITCHES SO I TRIED TO GO OVER THE TOP STITCH AGAIN AND DID NOT GET IT PERFECTLY LINED UP. SHOWN IN LAST 3 PHOTOS.



That looks great!

I saw this on Facebook and thought it is a brilliant idea!

@anjsmiles I love this pattern! I could carry my Maltese in this when I go shopping!!! What are you charging ?

This is too cute!

Ha ha! I am still working out the pattern but I sold this one already at a discount for $75 shipped. I want to make them a little smaller than this one and might see if I can figure a way to make the base a little stiffer.

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Here is a video I uploaded to FB with my phone

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That is so cute. What a creative idea.

If you look for tote bag sewing patterns on google it should come up with lots. Tote bags have large bases and high sides. You can alao get sewing patterns for dog carrying bags as well.


Sweet!!! That looks like a fun way to learn how to use a sewing machine!!! Thank you!!

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You could always see by hand. Takes longer but easier, I’m not confident on the sewing machine at all so tend to cheat and hand sew everything. When I move I am going to be good and do lots of practice pieces on my sewing machine.

Love this! Would totally buy one. Tote-ally :nerd_face::crazy_face::star_struck:

I have cut out my 2nd one in which I altered my pattern a little bit. I have to do the grocery shopping today but hopefully will be able to sew it later on today. I will post pics on the finished bag.


Nice bag, great color combination. Was it difficult to make? (not that I am going to try, I have a love-hate relationship with the sewing machine).

I have the same relationship with mine!
Right now it is difficult because I am trying to design my own pattern.
I think once I get it figured out how I want it then it will go smoother.
I also am doing mine with thicker layers of cloth than some I have seen so it is difficult to cut.
I had to order a new cutting wheel as mine was dull and too old to find the blades I have been doing this with scissors so ouch on my hand!

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Cuttiing wheels are an amazing invention and thank goodness Joannes has a 40% off coupon! The blades are expensive.

I am currently trying to perfect a preemie romper pattern. I just can’t find nice, affordable and cute preemie clothes I like.

Can’t wait to see more bags.

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I have a romper pattern that I plan to tackle after I master the bags! LOL!